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Gifting Utility NFTs not Stickers

Boost Engagement

Incentivise your attendees to visi more exhibitors, gamify their event experience by allowing them to win rewards after collecting NFTs

Track Sales & Generate Leads

Do you ever get an email after giving a sticker? 
Allow your spnsors and exhibitors to have the possibility to gift a utility NFT and generate a lead from it.  

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Helping you Make

Data-Driven Decissions

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Simple yet Functional

A straightforward app that shows everything you need to share with you attendees - and allows them to better experience your event.

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Connect & Network

Have the chance to know who is in the same room as you, get notified everytime you are near someone you want to meet, if they are open to it.

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Powerful Analytics

Being able to measure the number of people you were speaking to during that event, and have a unified way of sharing your contact details.

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Integrations to CRMs

Making it possible for you to export all your connections and  Konecto analytics with your CRM. Allowing the measurment of the efficincy of an event.

What we are best at

Our Features

Konecto Me Profiles
White-Labelled Virtual Link Hubs, that help attendees and businesses to share their contact details and much more, whilst increasing their brand awareness and proffessional network.
Gamification & NFTs
Allowing sponsors and exhibitors to gift NFTs to attendees which can then be used by attendees to claim a utility or by the organizers to incentivize networking and engagement during their event.
Data-Driven Comprehention
We measure the connections attendees and businesses make during an event, providing important insights to every stakeholder determining the ROI of the an event.
Konecto Gadgets
Every event requires something tangible which is why as part of our feature set we included fully brandable gadgets powered by NFC and QR Code resulting in better ticketing and networking.
Ticketing & Announcements
We provide a full solution that helps you beter manage your event.
Starting from ticketing, schedule, announcements, speakers, sponsors, map layout and participants list.
CRM Integrations
Facilitating post-event interactions between your stakeholders we provide CRM integrations that allow attendees and businesses to export their leads and analytics allowing better understanding
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